The Collective #827

Apr 5, 2024


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Olá, frontend friends! 👋

Today we have some great resources for you, including Maxime Heckel’s exploration of Moebius-inspired visual styles in web scenes, Bramus’s guide to adaptive color schemes and Surma’s insights into canvas-based web apps.

We’re also spotlighting NanoGL for its thorough documentation on custom WebGL development, a true gem for developers.

Happy exploring!

Gabriel Contassot’s new website shines with elegant simplicity, showcasing his impressive skills. Federico Valla expertly brought the site to life. The unique way it scrolls fits perfectly with the overall design, which is both minimal and elegant. Definitely our pick this week!

Standout Web Design Picks

Sites built with Webflow

Build with the power of code — without writing any

In collaboration with Webflow, we’re thrilled to present this roundup, featuring a handpicked selection of awe-inspiring websites.

Video Vault

Animation Spotlight

Demo Corner

❓Did you know that…

…Hedy Lamarr, known for her glamour in 1940s Hollywood, was also an ingenious inventor? Beyond her cinematic success, Lamarr co-invented a frequency-hopping technology during World War II, aimed at preventing enemy forces from jamming Allied torpedoes. This invention laid the groundwork for today’s secure Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth technologies.

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