The Collective #822

Mar 19, 2024


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Olá, frontend friends! 👋

Welcome back to our newsletter, where we’ve got another batch of cool stuff lined up for you. In this edition, we’re diving into topics like CSS color palettes, turning iMessages into physical books, and discussing the underappreciation of frontend development. Plus, we’ve got a new build system, a real-time WebGL2 voxel GI solution for the web, and plenty more to explore. helps you understand the context of every bug report you get with URLs, screenshots, environment info, session replay, and much more.

Stop struggling when reproducing bugs—you’ll understand exactly what the problem is, and go from “To Do” to “Resolved” 10x faster.

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❓Did you know that…

…the term “spam” for unwanted email or messages actually originates from a famous Monty Python sketch? In the sketch, a group of Vikings repeatedly chants “spam” while a waitress recites a menu in which nearly every item contains spam (the canned meat product). This repetitive and unwanted repetition of “spam” in the sketch mirrors the way unsolicited emails flood and overwhelm inboxes. Hence, the term “spam” was adopted to describe such unwanted electronic communication.

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