The Collective #807

Jan 26, 2024


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Olá, frontend friends! 👋

So Adam joined the fun and dropped an awesome, easy-to-follow tutorial on Codrops! It’s filled with hands-on examples, and it makes unraveling scroll-driven animations with CSS a breeze. Don’t miss it, you’ll learn a ton!

Don’t close the weekbook just yet; we’ve got more coming your way tomorrow. Meanwhile, kick back and enjoy some design inspiration and frontend resources we’ve handpicked just for you today!

Happy exploring!

VANA’s design provides an exceptionally smooth experience, where the scroll feeling seamlessly complements the product – an app designed to enhance well-being through breathwork. Dash Digital Studio has done a great job by establishing the perfect mood; the color theme is impeccable, and the modern, minimal typography places the message of serenity at the forefront.

Standout Web Design Picks

Tired of unclear bug reports? Try and collect website issues with screenshots, console logs, and session replay.

Try it now 👉

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Demo Corner

❓Did you know that…

…the iconic emoticon, often called the “Smiley,” originated on September 19, 1982, when computer scientist Scott Fahlman playfully introduced the first sideways smiley face on Carnegie Mellon’s online bulletin boards? His intention was to inject humor into digital conversations, and little did he know, this simple act would kickstart a global trend in expressive online communication. 🙂 

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