The Collective #804

Jan 12, 2024


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Happy new year 🎊

Reflecting on the past year, AI has played a prominent role, both overshadowing and empowering, while also leaving many feeling perplexed.

I recently came across an intriguing video by After School (find it below in the Video Vault section), featuring Stephen Fry reading a letter by Nick Cave. The video sheds light on one of the darker aspects of AI-generated art.

Although, I believe, AI can efficiently help us with mundane tasks (like super boring coding tasks), defining what is mundane varies from person to person. It raises thought-provoking questions about our perceptions of creativity, work and learning.

I will leave you with this quote by Paulo Coelho (taken from one of comments on the video, it really is a great fit):

“The reward of our work is not what we get, but what we become.”

Happy becoming!

Website of the Week

María Vargas demonstrates her craft with finesse in her latest portfolio design. Brimming with innovation and distinctiveness, it features carefully chosen typography and delightful effects, making it our inspirational choice for the week!

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Demo Corner

From our blog

❓Did you know that…

…a demoparty is a gathering of demosceners and programming enthusiasts? During these events, participants engage in competitions, or compos, showcasing demos—short audio-visual presentations of computer art, along with digital art and music. These non-stop weekend affairs provide ample time for socializing among like-minded individuals. Today, the oldest ATARI demo party is starting in Poland!

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