Frontend Rewind 2023 – Day 19


Join us for Day 19 in our special calendar, where we highlight the most interesting frontend resources from 2023.

Welcome to Day 19 of “Frontend Rewind 2023”!

We’re delighted to have you back for another exciting unpacking of 2023’s frontend gems! Today we have a special discount for Ahmad Shadeed’s book that will make CSS debugging easy!

👹 Fun fact: “La Quema del Diablo” is a magical and religious celebration in Guatemala with roots dating back to the 16th century. Acting as a prelude to the Christmas festivities, it symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. On this day, families cleanse their homes spiritually by burning bonfires, known as “fogarones,” filled with old belongings, trash, and paper devil effigies.

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Enhance your CSS debugging skills with Ahmad Shadeed’s ebook, Debugging CSS. Tailored for visual learners, this book takes a clear and direct approach, providing actionable advice and real-life examples for common day-to-day CSS challenges. What sets it apart? With 140+ custom illustrations, each CSS issue comes to life, eliminating the need for imagination.

Authored by a designer-turned-developer, this book not only teaches debugging but also imparts CSS tips with UI design in mind. As the sole comprehensive guide on debugging CSS, it’s a must-have for developers. The unique feature? The order doesn’t matter – jump to the topics that interest you most. Grab your copy now and use code codrops for an exclusive 40% discount. Don’t miss this chance to level up your CSS game!


Bézier Curves

In this article, Richard Ekwonye discusses his experience with Bézier curves in frontend engineering, their application in animations and SVG paths, and how understanding the underlying logic of Bézier curves enhances web animations and design.


Adapting Illustrations to Dark Mode

Learn how to make illustrations on your website suitable for both light and dark modes by utilizing CSS filter effects like invert(1) and hue-rotate(180deg), while understanding color space concepts like RGB and HSL to achieve the desired effects.



Immich is a self-hosted photo and video backup solution directly from your mobile phone. It’s under active development. Made by Alex Tran.


Free Font: Commit Mono

Commit Mono is an anonymous and neutral programming typeface focused on creating a better reading experience. A project by Eigil Nikolajsen.

Web Experiment

VAT and Houdini Experiment

An amazing demo by Giom who is experimenting with a Three.js technique using Vertex Animation Texture and Houdini.

Thanks for being part of our day—see you again tomorrow! 👋🎄

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