Frontend Rewind 2023 – Day 17


Join us for another day of frontend highlights as we open Day 17 of our calendar.

Welcome to Day 17 of “Frontend Rewind 2023”!

Join us for another day of frontend highlights and resources from 2023 and grab a special discount for Dan Mall’s book!

🏰🕯️ Fun fact: The Festival of Lights in Lyon originated in 1852 when candles adorned windows to honor the Virgin Mary. Nowadays, in December, Lyon transforms into a magical spectacle, celebrating its living heritage with stunning light displays. The city’s Renaissance facades and majestic buildings become canvases for enchanting son et lumière installations, showcasing light as an integral part of Lyon’s identity and revealing the beauty of its architecture.

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The Ultimate Guide to Image Optimisation

Learn how to optimize your website’s images for better performance and page speed, and ultimately improve user experience and Core Web Vitals, with this comprehensive guide that covers everything from the basics of image optimization to the best tools and techniques to use for maximum results.


Puck: The self-hosted drag and drop editor for React

Puck is a self-hosted, drag and drop editor for React that offers visual editing for existing React component libraries, integrations with 3rd party headless CMS, inline content editing, and no vendor lock-in, allowing for self-hosting or integration with existing applications.


The Matte Engine

A beautiful Figma and Sketch design template that is perfect for online courses! Created by The 18 Design.

Web Experiment

Falling Words

A fun demo where words fall with gravity. Created by Gayane Gasparyan.

Thank you for joining us today and hope to see you again tomorrow! 👋🎄

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