Frontend Rewind 2023 – Day 10


Discover Day 10 of our little calendar, where you can explore more hand-picked links and resources that stood out in 2023.

Welcome to Day 10 of “Frontend Rewind 2023”!

Explore the carefully selected links and educational content for today, let your inspiration soar, and make sure to snag the awesome discount by 123RF!

🐾 Fun fact: Meet the Yule Cat, a colossal and fierce feline from Icelandic Christmas folklore! This gigantic cat is said to prowl the snowy countryside during the holiday season, targeting those without new clothing. Legend has it that if you haven’t received new clothes by Christmas Eve, you might find yourself on the Yule Cat’s menu. 🐱

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Introducing the popover API

This article by Una Kravets introduces the popover API, a new set of declarative HTML APIs in browsers, simplifying the process of building popovers by handling complexities such as focus management, open/close states, and accessibility.


Painting with Math: A Gentle Study of Raymarching

Maxime Heckel explains the basics of Raymarching, its use of signed distance fields, and how to implement it in a Three.js/React Three Fiber environment, ultimately creating complex scenes with lighting, shadows, and fractals.


Detect Scroll

Jordan Egstad open-sourced a performant scroll library he uses across all of his websites.


Theme Toggles

This useful collection provides a selection of dark and light theme toggles that use SVGs and CSS transitions, and includes React support.

Web Experiment

Oreo Smash Donuts

Some super creative 3D typography animations by Steve Gardner.

Thanks for being part of our day, have a cozy Sunday—see you again tomorrow! 👋🎄

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