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Dec 15, 2023


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Welcome to Collective #799

The other day I spotted something that got me thinking about the importance of actively stepping out of our comfort zones. And no, I’m not suggesting starting cold showers (though, seriously, they’re fantastic and changed my life!). I’m talking about breaking out of our “knowledge” comfort zone—learning something new, trying a fresh approach to code, or giving that shiny new framework a spin.

Now, isn’t it a bit amusing how comfort can quietly nudge us into laziness and keep us rooted in one spot? Time to peel away from that snug bubble and invite in some fresh vibes! Embrace the new, my friend; it’s the secret sauce for infusing excitement and possibilities into your world.

Here’s to breaking free and diving into the unknown. ✨

Happy learning!

Website of the Week

Margherita Fortuna & Lorenzo Dossi skillfully crafted this website, brimming with delightful surprises. The menu’s opening and closing animations are particularly noteworthy, adding a touch of coolness. The visual design is striking, and the thoughtful typography amplifies the messaging—truly well executed!

Standout Web Design Picks

The Kintone Developer Program provides a seamless tutorial for integrating ESP8266 with Kintone’s web database, making IoT integration a breeze!

Check it out 👉

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Did you know that…

…inn the realm of software engineering, rubber duck debugging (or rubberducking) is a technique used to debug code by expressing the issue in spoken or written language? The name stems from a tale in “The Pragmatic Programmer,” where a coder would tote around a rubber duck, methodically explaining their code, line by line, to the duck. Various terms describe this approach, often featuring different inanimate objects or pets like dogs, cats, and even teddy bears.

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